Friday, March 25, 2011


This design is popping up everywhere lately, and although it goes against how I've always been "told" how to hang art and photographs, I've become a little obsessed with wallpapering a wall with art. As you will see from the collection below, creating a great wall of art is not an exact science. It can be clean and simple using just white frames, or a mishmash of art and found objects. But each wall works as long as there is an underlining theme. Even Anna Wintour's Vogue office has a wall of art, as does the office of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. So chic!

Great Walls of Art
Can be hip and chic with a retro feel...

...or have a modern flair with a lime wall and some bright colored frames...

...or sport a globetrotter feel with prints from Paris to Pompeii...

...or be Pottery Barn-esque in your entry way (love the added spotlights!)...

...or kick it up a notch with a rock 'n' roll feel, perfect for a workspace...

...or have a chic and artsy vibe, the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea...

...or exude an heirloom quality that grandmother would approve of!

Even baby can get in on the fun! Children's illustrations or homemade arts and crafts make for easy and chic wall art for kids!

Try a soft and subtle zigzag wallpaper to add to a diverse mix of art. Even add unframed finds like a woodblock letter (love the "W").

Are you neat and orderly? Keep your wall art contained by lining up the frame edges in one large rectangle, shown in the room below.

Art along a curved staircase keeps the eye moving...

A powder room is a great place to show off an eclectic style for all your guests to see! Add a darker paint color to make art on a cream or white background POP!

The graphic stair runner is the perfect compliment to the black and white framed photography on the wall.

Create your own Art Wall!

Young House Love created the wall below in their hallway. Check out their how-to.

IKEA has the perfect white frames here!

Now if I could just find the right wall in my own house for this...


  1. I want to try this on the wall by my staircase...just nervous to take the plunge! Great inspiration pics though!
    -Michelle Lentini

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  2. Love the pictures and the design. Favorite one is "exude an heirloom quality that grandmother would approve of!: - thanks for posting these cool pics.